Dear readers of-

Joy Avery Melville’s JOYFUL~JOURNALING;
Please take note of the upcoming excitement!
I have been privileged to have several authors
who are willing to be,

or have asked to be featured,
on this blog.

By Tuesday, March 29th, I should have the schedule READY and SET to publish here.


I get to begin this series of interview/promotions with author, ANN SHOREY and her book to be released on or near April 1st – “THE DAWN OF A DREAM”
My first male-author interview will be with Eddie Snipes and his book, “I CALLED HIM DANCER” is to be released on or near April 12th.

That’s the way it will go; each author promoting a newly or nearly released book.

Penny Zeller’s Blog Tour is going stop by here on April 19th, Lord willing with a guest posting.

Are you getting excited yet?
Well, prepare yourself – I have enough enthusisam for what’s to come to propel all of us into June.

If, as a writer, you’ve not taken part in doing influencing for an author, reviewing on sites such as, Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, Christian Book Distributors, Good-Reads, or doing an interview with one or more of them, you’ve been missing out on a great time of learning and fellowship. There is are rewards for you, the blog owner, an addition to your readership – your ability to draw others to your site is a huge result to promoting authors.

Personally, I have been rewarded by connections to other areas I have needed to be aware of. God has used several of the authors I’ve influenced for and interviewed, to further my own career, without me knowing it would be there for me ahead of my commitment with them. I see the opportunities that have opened up from these great connections and am so appreciative of the nudge from the Holy Spirit in directing me to specific authors or in the case of a couple – them to me.

God has blessed me so very much through the contacts I’ve made in the past year with my membership in American Christian Fiction Writers. What a wonderful group of men and women!

SO, GET READY, GET SET – and I’ll Joyfully Go Get The Schedule Ready To Post Next Week!


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