Have You Read Julie Lessman\'s Books?

The O\’Connor family might be fictional characters but once you\’ve read the first in Julie\’s series, The Daughters of Boston \”A PASSION MOST PURE\”, you will feel you\’ve been at the windows looking in and hearing each unique voice.

This series of stories set in the early 1900\’s has touched my heart and life unlike any  other Historical Romance series ever has. Her second series, Winds of Change carries on where the first series leaves off with \”A HOPE UNDAUNTED\”.

This last week I found myself literally flat on my back due to muscle spasms – painful ones – throughout my entire torso. (Corsets being tightened too tight couldn\’t have been worse than these) I was able to be up about ten to fifteen minutes out of every three hours or so from late Sunday afternoon through Thursday afternoon when my physical therapist showed up at my door.

I\’d purchased Julie Lessman\’s five books about the O\’Connor family at one of her book signings about two weeks ago so I got the bag, put it beside my mat on the floor and began reading the first book. I COULD NOT put it down. I have never been grateful for pain before (except when the doctors feared I\’d be paralyzed for life – another story for another time) but being forced to lie still gave me ample opportunity to read each of the five books in print so far. I believe Steven\’s story is about to be told this year – can\’t wait.

      The Spiritual message is not preachy but so true to the lives of each one – the depth of the characters\’ personalities and temperaments and the back stories that made them the people they\’d become – the sense of humor – those traits differing in each character, giving them a uniqueness unrivaled in any book I\’ve read thus far – the quality of writing that makes one feel they\’re living along side this family, invited to the picnics and the family dinners, hurting when one of them is hurting and the passion as told by Julie isn\’t anything to cringe over, or feel ashamed for reading. It\’s a very real but well-told part of the lives of these amazing characters, from the parents through the son\’s and daughter\’s biographical portraits, without being graphic or unseemly – each aspect of Julie\’s story-telling is amazingly life-like and gave me such a sense of these people I cried when they cried (I NEVER cry over a book) I laughed aloud and had my hubby giving me quizzical looks, especially when I was laughing on the tail of tears streaming down my face. 

Unless you\’ve read Julie\’s masterpieces, you\’ve yet to read a GREAT Christian Fiction Historical Romance series that doesn\’t seem like fiction.

I can honestly say, these books should become classic Christian literature or someone needs their head examined!

Julie, my heart and soul have been blessed by reading your books. I\’ve grown Spiritually through the messages woven throughout the books, I\’ve grown emotionally and even as a writer by reading your thought-provoking, wonderful, happy-ever-afters. How these amazing people got to those endings just amazes me yet.

These characters Julie has fashioned will live with you long after you read the books.

May God richly bless you, Julie and may your stories be examples used to teach new writers!

Be sure to read:
A Passion Most Pure –    (Faith\’s story)
A Passion Redeemed –   (Charity\’s story)                    
A Passion Denied      –    (Elizabeth\’s story)
         A Hope Undaunted – (Katie\’s story)                      
              A Heart   Revealed  – (Sean\’s story)           
Coming 10/01/12
            A  Love  Surrendered  – (Steven\’s story)    

In the Works           –       (Patrick and Marcy\’s story – the Prequel)

You won\’t be the same once you\’ve read these books – I promise. 

Learn more about Julie and her books – visit http://www.julielessman.com
Become a fan on facebook – Julie Lessman


 follow Julie on Twitter      – julielessman

Thank you, Julie, for the blessing you\’ve become to me as a person as well as that you\’ve been through your brilliant story-telling gift. 

115 thoughts on “Have You Read Julie Lessman\'s Books?”

  1. CAROLYN … I am SO sorry to hear about the pneumonia and am saying one RIGHT NOW for supernatural healing from the throne of God, girl. And I LOVE new readers because I LOVE seeing people fall in love with the O'Connors. They are EVERYTHING a family should be — fun, dramatic, passionate and tight-knit. I hope you get to meet them soon, my friend. God bless and HAPPY EASTER!!Hugs,Julie


  2. I completely agree – Julie's characters stay with you long after you've read the stories. It has been a while since I've read each of her five books and I'm almost ready to read them again. Can't wait until Steven's story is released. Love, love, love her writing. kauppatgridcomdotnet


  3. Hi, I don't have a blog or facebook so I thought I'd post my comment anonymously!! My name is Jacinta Rose Swindell and I love the fact that I share Katie's middle name!!I've read all of Julie's books and LOVE them!!!!! My favorite would have to be A Passion Most Pure! I totally love Collin and I want to be a writer like Faith! I've already pre-ordered Steven's story but I can't wait!!! Keep up the good work Julie!!!magenta321mysteryreader@gmail.com


  4. Hey, KATHY, thank you SO much, my friend, for your sweet comment — MUCH appreciated!!Ironically, I always reread all my books about a month prior to my next release so that I can refresh, you know?? When I am, my husband and I have a standing joke at night when I'm reading in bed. He says, you about ready to turn out the light and go to bed?\” And I always say, \”Almost, babe, but let me finish this chapter first — I want to find out what happens.\” 🙂 The O'Connors just seem to be family to me, you know? :)Hope you had a WONDERFUL Easter, Kath, and good luck in the contest!Hugs,Julie


  5. JACINTA ROSE — what a BEAUTIFUL name!!! Thank you SOOO much for reading my books AND pre-ordering Steven's story. If you love Collin, then I suspect you will LOVE A Love Surrendered because Faith and Collin have a small sub plot in that book as do Marcy and Patrick and Sean and Emma. I actually had substories for all the of couples, but my editor made me take several out because that's A LOT going on!! :)Thanks for coming by, Jacinta, and GOOD LUCK in the contest!!Hugs,Julie


  6. WHOOPS, TAMARA, you snuck in on me with that comment, girl, but I'm glad you came by to enter the contest. Thanks for your kind words and here's to a win. GOOD LUCK!!Hugs,Julie


  7. Hey, SANDY, thank you SO much for your kind comment, my friend — it blesses me because if there is one thing I definitely want to shine through in my writing, it's my PASSION for God, so THANK YOU!! GOOD LUCK in the contest, girl!!Hugs,Julie


  8. Well, I am sort of late, arent I?:) But Jules, you know I'm behind you and JUST plainly love you, huh? But just in case : Love you, Jules! Hope you'll not get tired of hearing that. Smiles and hugs, Ganise


  9. This has to have been the most exciting review and response week I've had on my blog.I've enjoyed reading the comments from so many who are long followers of Julie – it's given me more insight into the person I believed her to be – WHOLESOMELY GENEROUS and FUN LOVING and PASSIONATE! Thank You Julie for coming to my blog – even though I'd not asked you to do that and to offer the gift of one of your wonderful books – well – like I said – GENEROUS!I LOVE YOU TO PIECES – COME BACK SOON!


  10. WOW. That's what I call one raving review ~ and one that puts all her books on my To-Read list! :)Thanks for the opportunity to win! biblioprincess15 (at) yahoo (dot) com


  11. RACHELLE, YAY!!! Then our work here is done! ;)If you do read my books, PLEASE begin with book 1 in the Daughters of Boston series, A Passion Most Pure, as this is one series best read in order, okay? Thanks for coming by, and if you don't win here, I have another giveaway on Wednesday at my group blog, Seekerville, so check out my website calendar for the link.Hugs,Julie


  12. JOY, it was a blast and for you??? Anytime, darlin'!! Have a great week and happy reading (and writing and blogging)!Love you to pieces right back!!Hugs,Julie


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