Another Joyful Step Along My Journey. . . .


He has answered one of several prayers concerning my writing, and He’s given me a contract with Hartline Literary Agency. My agent is Jim Hart and I’m so looking forward to working with him and the agency. I’ve been told they’re not just a great agency, but they are a family that cares for one another.
I met Joyce and Jim Hart at the ACFW 2013 INDIANAPOLIS CONFERENCE – I was privileged to pitch my Trilogy synopsis to them, and they asked me for a proposal that would include the first three chapters of book one of the three. In November Jim asked me for the full manuscript and as busy as he was, he read my book over the holidays. He offered me a contract on Thursday, February 21, 2014, and I joyfully accepted.
I’m excited on so many levels –  this is a HUGE step along my journey toward publication and seeing God’s will for me and my desire to see Him glorified.

Our youngest grand (Austin – 7 yrs old) said he’d make sure I signed my contract with HARTLINE LITERARY AGENCY the right way.

I want to express my heart-filled appreciation for all of you who’ve prayed, encouraged, exhorted, pushed, and prodded me to not give up. THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ME.

The next step along this journey? To write the next two book in the current trilogy and to work with Jim Hart to find the publisher GOD has in mind for the stories He’s placed in my heart and mind.

If you are a writer and want to meet agents and editors face-to-face, I highly recommend the ACFW CONFERENCES held every September for their members.


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