WorkShops and Critiques by Joy

Welcome to WorkShops and Critiques by Joy

Services to help author/writers polish the best possible story they hope to tell.

WORKSHOP INSTRUCTION:                  


1.) The How To\’s To Critiquing
2.) Designing and Developing Distinctive Characters
 Contact Joy at: joyjournaling@gmail.com

CRITIQUES BY JOY:                         


1) Page-by-page critiques:           $2.00 per page
2) Chapter-by-chapter critiques: $1.75 per page up through 8 pages – $1.50 per additional pg.

3) Full-book critique:                       Negotiable at this time

Sample contract available – Contact  Joy at:   joyjournaling@gmail.com


Cheri Swalwell
TIffany Amber Stockton
Dawn Turner
And others by request

Dawn Turner – paragraph endorsement
Tiffany Amber Stockton – named in dedication

               Contact Joy at: joyjournaling@gmail.com

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