Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Taming Petra ~ Cameo Courtships Collection

Hi everybody. I’m Petra Jayne Breaux—better known as Buckskin Pete Hollingsworth. I just bet you’re wondering how a young woman from a well-to-do Pittsburgh family came to settle in Colorado under the name of Buckskin Pete. Well, here’s the tale. My beloved Aunt Letitia and Uncle Peter invited me to go on a grand tour of the wild West with them, and I agreed. I was having the time of my life…right up until Uncle Peter fell ill. Only then did Aunt Letitia tell me he was dying. He passed away in Cambria Springs, and I was so heartbroken, I couldn’t leave. But I couldn’t support myself either. That is, until a new friend—a dime novelist—helped me. I’d tried to enter the Founders Day wood chopping contest, but they wouldn’t let women compete. (Since my grandfather was a woodsman, I learned my way around an axe as a girl.) So my friend suggested I dress up in buckskins and enter myself under an assumed name. Sure enough, I cut my long hair off, put on that buckskin suit, and entered under the name of Buckskin Pete Hollingsworth. I won the competition, the name stuck, and I’m steadily working as a scout, tracker, and other odd jobs. Oh, and thanks to my friend, I’ve got a whole series of dime novels written about me now.

And I’m Reverend Dustin Owens. I never woulda figured myself to become a preacher. Not with my upbringing. I was raised in a saloon, after all. My mother was…well, let’s be honest. She was a soiled dove, and my father…let’s just say I never had occasion to meet him. I lived in that world until I was nineteen. That’s when something terrible happened that forced me and my little sister, Josephine, to run. We wound up in Wyoming under the care of a godly man who helped us heal from our difficult pasts. As I opened my heart to the Lord, I felt Him drawing me into ministry. Can you imagine my surprise when, not all that long ago, He told me to return to this area and start a church? Almost exactly where it all began. I have to admit, I wasn’t too sure about moving back to this area until I happened to bump into a pretty, short-haired gal wearing buckskin trousers. She got my attention…and if you want to know why, well, please read our story. Taming Petra, part of Cameo Courtships.

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Our Story Title:  TAMING PETRA – Cameo Courtships Collection

Our Story Genre:  Christian Historical Western Romance

Our Story Releases:  June 1, 2019

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The Author of Our Story:   Jennifer Uhlarik

Jennifer Uhlarik discovered the western genre as a pre-teen when she swiped the only “horse” book she found on her older brother’s bookshelf. A new love was born. Across the next ten years, she devoured Louis L’Amour westerns and fell in love with the genre. In college at the University of Tampa, she began penning her own story of the Old West. Armed with a B.A. in writing, she has finaled and won in numerous writing competitions, and been on the ECPA best-seller list numerous times. In addition to writing, she has held jobs as a private business owner, a schoolteacher, a marketing director, and her favorite—a full-time homemaker. Jennifer is active in American Christian Fiction Writers and lifetime member of the Florida Writers Association. She lives near Tampa, Florida, with her husband, college-aged son, and four fur children.

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24 thoughts on “Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Taming Petra ~ Cameo Courtships Collection”

  1. Hi Linda, it is such a fun collection of stories! Of any novella collection I've done to date, this one has been the most fun by far! Hope you'll get a chance to read it.


  2. Hi Nancy, so great to \”meet\” you. I hope you'll enjoy Cameo Courtships. I hope you'll also enjoy meeting some of the other authors in the collection with me. They're so talented, and their stories are wonderful!


  3. Hi Nancy, so great to \”meet\” you. I hope you'll enjoy Cameo Courtships. I hope you'll also enjoy meeting some of the other authors in the collection with me. They're so talented, and their stories are wonderful!




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