My Story BEFORE The Story ~ Vivian Day ~ The Irresistible Woman in a Blue Dress ~ Bk 3 in Twisty Creek Series

I’m a little nervous talking to you because I don’t want to sound ungrateful. But the truth is being beautiful isn’t as glamorous as many believe. Vivian Day isn’t even my real name. But what modeling company would be enamored with Ashley Brickman? When Mother asked if I, at age twelve, truly wanted to pursue a modeling career, I thought it would be exciting. At first, I liked taking lessons in ballet and learning how to move gracefully. Modeling may be exciting for many girls, but it wasn’t long before I hated the interviews, long photo shoots under hot lights, and practicing poses and facial expressions for hours in front of a mirror.

Many people believe the hardest part for a model is starving herself. Not me. Yes, I watch what I eat, but I’ve always been slim—willowy—and tall. It’s the way I am. What’s most difficult for me is working with my mother agent. In the industry, a mother agent is the agent who discovers the model. In my case, my mother agent is my mother. Mother works harder than any agent I know. She spends hours on the phone setting up interviews and shoots. From the beginning, she’s been determined to get me into the New York City market. We’ve already moved from Pittsburgh to Chicago—a stepping stone to New York City. Another myth is models make a lot of money. Not true, unless you’re a supermodel. I make more that the average model because Mother is a piranha agent.

I had one boyfriend back in Pittsburgh, Michael, but mother hated him. I have to admit, he wasn’t good for me. I guess I hoped he’d help me escape my modeling career. I’m tired of men pawing me and trying to take advantage of me. Bill, the producer of many shoots I’m part of is like that. One date, and he thinks he owns me. Now, I’m headed for the mountains of Roanoke, Virginia, where Bill has arranged a shoot at a waterfall. No one, except me, is happy about what I’m doing after the shoot. I’m driving my 2012 Mustang to Tennessee for a three-week vacation. Mother claims the car won’t make the trip without breaking down. What does she know?

~ ~ ~ ~

My Story Title:   The Irresistible Woman in a Blue Dress
                                  Book 3 – Twisty Creek Series

My Story Genre:  Christian Contemporary Romance

My Story Released: December 1, 2019

~ ~ ~ ~

The Author of My Story:    Zoe M. McCarthy

 Author, Zoe M. McCarthy was pegged an expressive analytic in a personality test. Isn’t that an oxymoron? But it’s true. Zoe couldn’t survive without creativity and expressing it. Yet, this retired actuary* and introvert receives her energy from being alone in her home office overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Believing opposites distract, Zoe has seven Christian contemporary romances involving tenderness and humor and heroes and heroines who learn to embrace their differences. She also has a book out on writing. Zoe and her husband enjoy canoeing and spending time at their lake cabin, where she writes during month-long sabbaticals—alone.

*Actuaries perform all the mathematical analysis for insurance companies, pricing products and estimating reserves to pay claims.

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Zoe M. McCarthy is offering an autographed copy of  to one reader in U.S., commenting here.

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