Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Lexie Parker & Clint Rawlins ~ from The Cowboy’s Missing Memory ~ by Shannon Vannatter

Hi, I’m Lexie Parker and I’m really nervous about this job I’ve taken on. I’m an occupational therapist. In case you don’t know what that is, I work mostly with the hands, developing fine motor skills. Some of my therapy for patients involves playing cards or board games or catch. All three activities involve repetitive fine motor skill movements. But also, I help patients with coping mechanisms brought on by their illness or injury.

Since I left home in Medina, Texas for college in San Antonio, I’ve been there working in a large hospital to pay off my student loans. But I just finished my two weeks notice there and I’m moving home to work in a small rehab center. Since I still owe, I’m planning to stay with my parents until I get everything paid off. Then I’ll get a place of my own.

But on my last day, I ran into Audrey Rawlins. My very first patient was her husband, Levi. He was struggling with degenerative brain disease from too many bull wrecks. I helped him learn to feed himself and eventually walk again. But he died a few months later.

I always felt like I failed him. And since I got close to his wife, Audrey during the time I worked with Levi, how could I turn her down when she begged me to be her son’s therapist? Clint Rawlins was recently injured in a bull wreck at a rodeo. I won’t even get into what I think of bull riding or what I think of Clint getting into the sport that killed his father.

Clint suffered a traumatic brain injury. He has balance issues, he can’t remember the last two years, and his fine motor skills have been damaged. He can’t feed himself, brush his teeth, or get dressed on his own, without difficulty.

I’ve worked with patients and their physical therapists enough to where I can help with the balance issues and though I took some counseling courses, his memory loss is out of my wheelhouse. I can help him learn to deal with his frustrations, but I’m not sure what to do about his memory.

But the thing I’m really nervous about, I’ve never been attracted to a patient before.


My name is Clint Rawlins. I’m a rancher. Not a bull rider. That was my dad. Over the years, I dabbled in the sport, but it really wasn’t my thing. But my dad died six months ago and my mom was about to lose the ranch. So I secretly competed in the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, a two week, annual event.

I made it through the whole thing in 1st place. On the final night, I made the buzzer, but crashed on my dismount and the bull stepped on my head. I don’t remember much, but that’s what they told me when I woke up in the ER. To tell you the truth, my brain feels kind of scrambled.

There was a nurse in my room when I woke up. I knew her, but I wasn’t sure how. Turns out she’s not a nurse, but an occupational therapist. And I remember her from my dad’s funeral. She was his therapist, but we never met because she worked with him during the day while I was busy with the ranch.

But now my mom’s telling me that it’s been two years since Dad died instead of six months like I thought. And that this was the second time I’ve competed in the rodeo in San Antonio. But the ranch is fine, so I don’t know what I was doing there.

On top of that, my nephew is seven instead of five. And my sister isn’t pregnant like I remember. Her little girl is two years old. How can I forget my own niece? And my brother-in-law is nearing the end of his deployment in Afghanistan. I don’t even remember seeing him off.

I’m so frustrated. I can barely take a shower by myself. Getting dressed is a major accomplishment and when I eat, most of my food ends up in the floor. I’ve never had a beard, but I’m afraid if I try to shave myself, I might cut my own throat.

So mom hired Dad’s old therapist. Which makes me feel weak and useless and terrifies me that I’ll end up with the same disease Dad had. But with everything I’ve forgotten, I remember the one time I saw Lexie Parker. Maybe she can help me.

~ ~ ~ ~

My Story Title:   The Cowboy’s Missing Memory

My Story Genre:  Contemporary Romance

My Story Releases:   August 2020

~ ~ ~ ~

The Author of My Story:    Shannon Vannatter

Award winning author, Shannon Taylor Vannatter writes contemporary Christian cowboy romance and has over a dozen published titles. A romance reader since her teens, she hopes to entertain Christian women and plant seeds in the non-believer’s heart as she demonstrates that love doesn’t conquer all—Jesus does.

She gleans fodder for her fiction in rural Arkansas where she spent her teenage summers working the concession stand with her rodeo announcing dad and married a Texan who morphed into a pastor. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her husband and son, flea marketing, and doing craft projects.

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Five copies of The Cowboy’s Missing Memory and five copies of my Western Collection two in one with Jill Lynn – Counting on the Cowboy and Her Texas Cowboy will be split among commentors. Winner’s will be revealed on Shannon’s Blog on July 15th.

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22 thoughts on “Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Lexie Parker & Clint Rawlins ~ from The Cowboy’s Missing Memory ~ by Shannon Vannatter”

  1. I'm SO looking forward to this book… Shannon, thank you for bringing the characters to life for us here with the story they had to experience, so they could tell the story in your novel.Enjoy your week here!


  2. Thanks, Shannon.Backstory is where it all begins, and we don't usually share much of that with our readers, right?MY FAVE part of writing is character creation and what MAKES THEM WHO THEY ARE – I have LOTS of info that never gets into the novels. LOL I certainly know what makes my character do what they do when they get there, though. I've had such fun reading the different genres and styles and of course ALL OF THE BACKSTORY!


  3. I love this character interview, the book sounds great!Thank you for the giveaway chance to win a copy of \” The Cowboy's Missing Memories\”.


  4. I loved reading about these characters. They seem very real and relatable. This sounds like a wonderful story.marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) comMaryann


  5. I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose your memory! How scary & confusing. After hubs had his stroke, he had PT, OT & ST, these folks are so wonderful & compassionate! Lexie & Clint's story sounds very interesting!


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