Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Jake Miller & Kali McIntyre ~ Northern Hearts ~ An Anaiah Christmas Novella

Jake Miller: I couldn’t sleep, so I’m here an hour early for the morning flight up from Winnipeg. It’s freezing sitting here in the truck, but if I go inside our tiny Churchill airport the reality of meeting this unknown relative of Cora’s—a niece, no less—means that my life is about to change completely.

At least my coffee’s good and hot, to keep my fingers from going numb in the cold. Ever since my business partner Cora McIntyre died last week, The Great Northern Lodge and Restaurant has been in an uproar. We knew her battle with cancer was ending, but none of us were ready to let her go.

Cora was my mentor, my friend, and almost a mother figure to me. Growing up in foster care in Toronto, one of Canada’s largest cities, I spent my childhood moving from home to home with a plastic garbage bag of my belongings. It was a fluke that I got myself into cooking school and came up here to Churchill, the gateway to Canada’s arctic, for a trip after graduation. I saw the sign Cora had posted looking for a sou-chef and applied, never thinking I’d get the job. And here I am, ten years later, waiting to find out if the young woman getting off this next flight is going to take away my livelihood, my dream of owning my own place—The Great Northern Lodge and Restaurant.

Hi, I’m Kali McIntyre. Now that I’m finally on this plane, I’m nervous about heading up to this arctic town on my own! I’ve always hated flying, so thank goodness this flight will be over soon. I’ve read over the lawyer’s letter in my purse a hundred times. He’s in Churchill, one thousand kilometers north of Winnipeg where I live, and he says I have an aunt who’s left me “a great deal of property both in real estate and cash” in her will. I never knew I had an aunt! My father’s never mentioned having a sister before, and my mother grew up a spoiled, only child of an extremely rich family.

I hate arguing with my father, but I have to know what this inheritance means. He wants me to join the family law firm and make use of my law degree, but I want to open my own dessert bar in downtown Winnipeg and forget the law entirely. Baking is my first love, and I want to make my mark on the restaurant scene. I’ve already found the perfect spot and hired an interior designer. Maybe I’ll inherit enough money from this mysterious aunt to make my dream a reality.

Wow, that’s a tiny town outside my window. The plane’s about to land, and I can see about five streets running east to west along the shoreline of Hudson Bay. No wonder my father told me this was a crazy idea. I hate it when the landing gears come down, and it feels like the plane’s about to fall out of the sky! Now we’re rumbling along the airstrip, braking on the ice… is the plane going to stop? Blood’s pounding in my ears. Everyone else seems to be fine. I take another peek out my window at the bright blue building that looks more like a storefront than an airport. Oh, Kali, what have you gotten yourself into?

~ ~ ~ ~


                            Heroes Of The Tundra
                     An Anaiah Christmas Novellea

My Story Genre:  Romantic Suspense 

My Story Releases:   December 06,2019

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The Author of My Story:    Laurie Wood


Laurie Wood lives in Central Canada and writes inspirational romantic suspense with an edge of danger. She’s also a military wife who’s raised two wonderful special needs children to adulthood. They’ve lived all over Canada and are still on that journey. When she’s not writing she can be found at her spinning wheel, knitting, or hanging out with her dogs in the garden. She loves to hear from readers and always replies so feel free to get in touch with her.

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2 thoughts on “Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Jake Miller & Kali McIntyre ~ Northern Hearts ~ An Anaiah Christmas Novella”

  1. Northern Hearts sounds endearing. It'll be a great read to see how the future goes for Jake Miller and Kali McIntyre. Thank you for sharing. One winner will be blessed to win a copy of Northern Hearts. marilynridgway78 [at]gmail [dot[com


  2. Hi Marilyn,thank you for stopping by! it was a bit out of my comfort zone to write because the \”suspense\” was low key and more of a cozy mystery, whereas I normally write a more action-oriented story. Plus, I'd never written a Christmas story before but once I got the idea I really enjoyed writing it. It's something I'd like to do again and I have a few ideas. 🙂


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