My Story BEFORE The Story ~ Ruth Becker ~ In ~ THE STARS IN APRIL ~ by ~ Peggy Wirgau

Ruth Becker

I love my life here in India. My parents are missionaries, and they came all the way from America to our village of Guntur before I was born. Born in 1900, I’m now twelve years old, and I have a four-year-old sister and a little brother, who’s almost two. My father, Reverend Becker, is the director of the mission orphanage, and without that position I have no idea how I would have met my best friend, Sajni. Papa found her wandering the streets when she was six and I was four, and we’ve been friends ever since. Mother cares for us at home and likes to complain about India’s heat, the food, the customs, and the reptiles—all the things I love the most.

But now that the doctors have told Mother to take my brother back to America so he can get well, I think she sees it as her chance of escape. When Papa told me the news that we’d all be going and he had to stay behind, I tried to get him to let me stay as well. The Spring Festival is coming soon, and I was to play a violin solo! How can he make me give that up, not to mention leave him and Sajni and all I hold dear?

It doesn’t matter that he splurged on second-class tickets for us on a brand-new luxury liner called Titanic. That is, if we ever reach England. And it doesn’t matter that Papa and I will continue our recording of the night skies from our different vantage points in our Sky Reports. How can he let me go?

Tomorrow, we have a stifling train ride to endure and then a four-week voyage from India while I do nothing but babysit my siblings. I miss Papa and India already! How will I ever survive?

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Author, Peggy Wirgau, is generously offering a single signed copy of
 to someone who leaves a comment (US ONLY)
Drawing is to take place on Wednesday evening ~ March 24, 20

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         My Story Title:   THE STARS IN APRIL

      My Story Genre:


          My Story Releases:   March 27, 2021

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                The Author of My Story:    Peggy Wirgau


  Peggy Wirgau is a Michigan native and now lives in Delray Beach, Florida. She loves bringing history to life for readers.

Peggy has written for Appleseeds, Insight, Learning Through History, and contributed to Why? Titanic Moments by Yvonne Lehman. Her blog features in-depth Titanic stories, and her followers include descendants of the ship’s real-life victims and survivors.

A graduate of Michigan State University and George Mason University, Peggy is an active member of ACFW, SCBWI, Historical Novel Society, and Great Lakes Titanic Connection. She loves to travel, especially to New York City and Mackinac Island, Michigan, where she explores historical sites. Peggy is also a Registered Nurse. She and her husband have two adult children.

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11 thoughts on “My Story BEFORE The Story ~ Ruth Becker ~ In ~ THE STARS IN APRIL ~ by ~ Peggy Wirgau”

  1. Hi, Debra.What I've read in the blurb and with this post has me really wanting to buy the book – it releases MAR 27th on Amazon – and is up for Pre-order now… I'm truly excited for whoever wins a copy here.Hugs


  2. Aradhana;That is really cool – the book will hold more meaning for you than for some readers, most likely.Your name has gone into the drawing with Debra Mader's.


  3. Peggy, I love books based/inspired about true stories. And I know your book will have the historical aspects surrounding the Titantic that will make it even richer. I would love to read it! Many blessings as you continue on your writing path.


  4. Just popping in … I'm enjoying all of your comments so much! I would love to hear your thoughts about the story if you read it, or if you have any questions. Thank you and God bless!


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