Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Emma Baker & Luke Davis ~ EVERY WINDOW FILLED WITH LIGHT ~ by ~ Shelia Stovall

I’m Emma Baker, a young childless widow. I’m the Weldon Public Library director and my mother, Virginia Willoughby, is the mayor of Weldon, Kentucky. I’ll never achieve Mother’s idea of perfection as I’m a bit awkward.

I grew up in my grandparents’ home with my mother, as my father abandoned us when I was a toddler. It’s been my lifelong dream to be a part of a large, boisterous family like my best friend, Casey.

My husband, Chris, and I inherited Grandfather’s old Victorian home. Still, before we could build a family, Chris was accidentally stabbed to death by one of his students, leaving me to spiral into a pit of despair.

It’s been two years since Chris’s death, and my grief has stifled any interest in romance—until I met Pastor Luke Davis. But when I learned Luke is counseling Winston Meador, my husband’s killer fresh out of jail, my temper ignited. It wilts me to know that I haven’t come close to forgiving the boy. I say the words, “I forgive,” but my heart will not yield.

Before Chris’s death, I’d never experienced hate. I love children, and it pains me to suffer this angst toward a young man. I often deal with kids who need more parental supervision hanging out in the library. If only I could take them home and give them the love and attention they deserve.

I’m Luke Davis, an associate pastor of a large congregation in a community that neighbors Weldon, Kentucky. I’m committed to working with troubled teens because I grew up feeling unworthy and unloved. My mom abandoned me when I was eight years old, and my alcoholic grandmother made it clear she didn’t want me around. If Pastor Bob hadn’t introduced me to my heavenly father, I’d probably be dead or in prison.

A long time ago, I had a fiancée, but I struggled to balance church responsibilities and personal relationships. When I refused to accept a large home from my fiancée’s parents as a wedding gift, she broke our engagement because she claimed I loved God more than her. She was right. I’ve accepted the only family I’ll ever have is my church family.

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My Story Genre:  Women\’s Contemporary Christian Fiction

My Story Released:        April 2, 2021
                                    A brand new release!

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The Author of My Story:   Shelia Stovall

Shelia Stovall  is the director of a small-town library in southern Kentucky, where only strangers mention her last name, and the children call her Miss Shelia.

It tickles her to see shocked expressions when folks learn she’s traveling to Africa—again. She’s the worst missionary ever, but God continues to send her to the ends of the earth as He attempts to mold her into something useful.

Shelia is a country girl who relishes eating a bologna sandwich at a country store just as much as savoring an elegant meal in a posh restaurant.

Shelia and her husband Michael live on a farm, and she enjoys taking daily rambles to the creek with their three dogs. Spending time with family, especially her grandchildren, is her all-time favorite thing. The only hobby Shelia loves more than reading uplifting stories of hope is writing them. 

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5 thoughts on “Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Emma Baker & Luke Davis ~ EVERY WINDOW FILLED WITH LIGHT ~ by ~ Shelia Stovall”

  1. Hi Natalya, It took me a long time to come up with the right title. The first title was \”Finding Family,\” then, thinking about Harley, I changed it to \”Nowhere Else to Go.\” An editor from a large publisher commented the title was too sad. One evening, while reading through the manuscript, I read the words \”every window filled with light.\” That's when I knew I'd discovered the true title. Thanks for your question. Shelia


  2. “Every Window Filled with Light” is such a hopeful title. I believe the title reminds us that God can take our darkest days and turn them into light, which brings us joy. I also believe that His light shining in us will draw others to Him.


  3. EDWINA;You have earned a signed copy of EVERY WINDOW FILLED WITH LIGHT, by Shelia Stovall!CONGRAT-YOU-LATIONS!Thank you for stopping by Journeystojoy.net!Hope you come again!


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