Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Natassa and DeAndre ~ Mercy Will Follow Me ~ by ~ Sarah Hanks

Hi, I’m Natassa. Do you remember me from high school? Probably not. I’m Maureen’s sister. Olivia’s sister. Ring a bell now? Yeah, my sisters always seemed to outshine me. But now—now I’ve finally made my mark on the world. Kind of. I mean, a small but significant mark. Four beautiful children—Aren’t they amazing?—And Brandon, did I marry up or what? Maureen couldn’t believe little old me managed to snag such a handsome and successful man. And look at my house. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe this is my life. I have every reason to be ecstatic with it.

Is there something wrong with me that I’m not? There’s just this niggling feeling that something’s missing. That this big, beautiful life isn’t quite complete. Something’s missing. I think it’s another baby. If we could just have one more… The problem is, Brandon doesn’t agree. He says we’re done. How can he make such a life changing decision without even hearing me out? We’re supposed to be partners, yet once again, I feel unheard. I’m so tired of being pushed aside by everyone in my life. Maybe it’s time I did something about it.

DeAndre, here. I don’t wanna run for Boss. You look at me, at where I live, at my best friend Reg, and that’s what you expect me to do, right? Be just another drug dealing thug from the inner city. Forgive me for wanting to smash your expectations. I may not have much going for me, but I’ve got this hunger for more churning on the inside. I will not become another statistic. There’s got to be another way.

I heard they’re hiring out in Crawford County. Yeah, that part of town is so… white. Reg calls me a fool for even thinking of going up there, but I’m gonna check it out. Couldn’t hurt, right? Maybe I’ll get a job. Maybe not. All I know is I’ve got to try something different, or I’ll spend my life dodging bullets on the street or getting killed by one like my Pa. Or maybe I’ll go through my whole life and have nothing to show for it. So, yeah, a trip up to Crawford County couldn’t hurt. It might even change everything for me.

~ ~ ~ ~

Sarah is offering a single Signed Copy of MERCY WILL FOLLOW ME (Book one)
 ~ but~ 
 if the winner has read this novel, she will award MERCY\’S SONG (Book two), instead. 
Book two comes out in June

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Our Story Title:   MERCY WILL FOLLOW ME (Book 1)
Our Story Genre:  TimeSlip Novel ~ 
        Christian Contemporary ~ Christian  Historical 

Our Story Released:   November 2,  2020

~ ~ ~ ~

The Author of Our Story:    Sarah Hanks

 Sarah Hanks has spent the last decade delightfully merging her two main passions—writing and equipping children—by writing a variety of Sunday school curricula. She wrote her first novel when she was seventeen and continued to write fiction “on the side” until deciding to pursue writing professionally. She and her husband have eight children, a couple of whom have inherited their mother’s love for playing with words and crafting stories. Though Sarah dreams of a cabin by the beach, the family of ten lives jammed together in beautiful chaos in St. Charles, Missouri. She buys ear plugs in bulk.

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12 thoughts on “Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Natassa and DeAndre ~ Mercy Will Follow Me ~ by ~ Sarah Hanks”

  1. I love this inside look into your characters. I almost like I know them already! Thanks for telling us about them, Sarah. Joy, thank you for hosting Sarah today.


  2. Natalya- Yes, it's Natassa, not Natasha. Fun story of how I found that name for this main character. I enjoy off-the-grid names but try not to use anything too crazy that will completely throw my readers off. 🙂 Thanks for your comments, everyone. 🙂


  3. This is a new to me author. But reading her characters story I know it's knowing to be a great read. Thank you for hosting Sarah Hanks so new readers can discover her. Blessings to you both. The winner will be blessed.


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