My Story BEFORE The Story ~ A Familiar Spirit ~ in ~ CAST OUT: Chronicles of a Familiar Spirit ~ Ivani Greppi

As a familiar spirit, a demon, perhaps an imp, as some may choose to label me, my authority and control over generations of Branca’s family tree have been my lot for decades, spanning throughout three continents.

Just as a numerous company of rebel angels, I was given authority over bloodlines for multiple millennia. This is how we serve the rulers and principalities, the underworld’s gods, the spiritual forces, and dominions of this dark world.

It is our cup. Our portion. Our inheritance. Our pleasure to deceive and crush these mongrels made of flesh and spirit. To cause suffering. For them never to see the light of life and be satisfied. To blind the unbelieving ones’ minds, so the light of the Son may not dawn on them.

That is until an impertinent preacher man arrived on the scene attempting to usurp my power over these miserable immigrants assigned to me.

Did he show them a way out of their spiritual stupor?

Did his “weapons” strike terror in my heart?

Did he teach Branca and her family that the Son rises over those who have faith?

Did they learn that when the Son radiates His light, I must flee?

Has not this story been written for thousands of years?

What has been will be again; there is nothing new under the sun.

Now is there?                                                                   

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Ivani is offering one free signed copy to a US resident for the drawing to be
held Wednesday evening ~ August 4, 2021

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My Story Title:   CAST OUT: Chronicles of a Familiar Spirit

My Story Genre:  Christian Fiction/ Historical
My Story Releases:   May 21. 2021

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The Author of My Story:    Ivani Greppi

Ivani Greppi was born in Brazil. Her ancestors were spiritist mediums. Throughout her childhood, Ivani experienced seeing spirits. At the age of 14, while living in Brazil, she was indoctrinated into Umbanda, a spiritual practice derived from the African Yoruba, Ifá faith, syncretized with spiritism and Roman Catholicism.

In 1997, she met a Brazilian missionary pastor in Florida who led Ivani and her family to salvation in Jesus Christ. This fictional story is based on Ivani’s and her ancestors’ spiritual and immigration journey across three continents, spanning one hundred years.

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4 thoughts on “My Story BEFORE The Story ~ A Familiar Spirit ~ in ~ CAST OUT: Chronicles of a Familiar Spirit ~ Ivani Greppi”

  1. Oh my! This sounds like a frightening and fascinating topic! I think your story would be amazing to read. Thank you for offering this giveaway opportunity. Joy, thank you for hosting Ivani today.


  2. Patti,This is a powerful book – made more so because Ivani has lived it.I don't think I have ever hosted anything quite like it before. You're welcome, Patti – Ivani is a very very special lady (author aside) we met at an ACFW CONFERENCE one year – in the PRAYER ROOM – my most fave place to volunteer.We've had a connection ever since – A God-incidence for sure.Thanks for stopping by, Patti!Blessings,


  3. Thank you Patti. I pray that CAST OUT will reach many who are entangled in the deception of occult practices. We fear no evil when we serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He fights our battles for us. The enemy is crushed under His feet. We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus who loves us. God bless you.


  4. Joy, I praise God for putting you in my path in that prayer room during the ACFW conference. God has used you tremendously as a source of encouragement and strength during the long process of completing the manuscript. It's an honor to have you host CAST OUT in your blog. Perhaps many will see it as a very dark book, but in the end, \”the Son rises over those who have faith-and when the Son radiates His light, the darkness must flee.\”May God multiple His blessings over you, your beautiful writing, and your powerful ministry.


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