My Story BEFORE The Story ~ Everett Herring ~ in ~ Land That I Love ~ by ~ Gail Kittleson

Everett Herring here, from Nottinghamshire, land of Robin Hood and too many pivotal historical events to mention. Since my father died in the Great War and Mother perished shortly thereafter in the Great Epidemic, Father’s parents have graciously reared me,

My delicate, beautiful wife—how could I ever have known what went on in her fragile mind?—is now passed from this earth. With her, she took my dignity, my vocation, and the only home I ever knew.

Now, along with Grandfather’s butler, William, and my young son Donnie, I take my leave of my homeland, bound for another. Our destination? Texas Hill Country, they call it, where we plan to start anew after unspeakable pain and sorrow here.

Some things, one never forgets—this is the positive and the negative of life. New relationships form as our journeys meander hither and yon, but the good we have experienced, along with the terrible, remain with us. With these memories inscribed on our hearts, we face inevitable change.

Our task? To pick up the pieces of the terrible and embrace the joys of the good. Much more easily said than done, but day-by-day, I take up this work, and as we move along to a new world, the delight of observing Donnie grow and learn gradually assuages my pain.

A great portion of the good lies in Donnie, and in William, Grandfather’s employee, but far more than that—his friend. Relying on his steadfast intuition and determination, I bid farewell to this land that I love.

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    My Story Title:   Land That I Love

    My Story Genre: 
Literary Historical Fiction

    My Story Released:   August 30, 2021

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The Author of My Story:    Gail Kittleson


Gail Kittleson believes in the power of story.

Her historical fiction centers on make-do characters who contribute to the needs around them in spite of obstacles and rise above change and circumstance.

She and her husband enjoy their grandchildren, research, and creating a cottage garden in their northern Iowa home.

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