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Just In Time For Veteran’s Day ~ A WIN

This past Friday, November 5th marked the last of three evenings of the 2021 Faith & Fellowship Book Festival and culminated in a list of winners of the prestigious ANGEL BOOK AWARDS!

It is with extreme pleasure and in honor of those who’ve served in the United States Armed Forces and come home wounded ~ in body, mind and/or spirit ~ I get to announce the 1st Place Contemporary Fiction winner ~

SOWN IN PEACE ~ Book 1 in the Operation Return To Peace Series ~

Judges’ Comments:
“Great book!” ~ “The theme and characters drew me in immediately.” ~ “I felt like I was there.”

* * * * *

Two veterans who’ve become very important to this author both served in the Army during at least one of the Operations of the Gulf War – I appreciate how honest and forthcoming these two men were by allowing me access to their very personal experiences and their hearts!

SOWN IN PEACE’S win can easily be attributed to Jeremy Rockstroh and Keith Youngblood. Although the novel is a work of Fiction, there is so much TRUTH between the covers of this story, it’s garnered 4 & 5 star ratings on Amazon, Goodreads, and recommendations via BookBub.

 To purchase a copy for yourself check below. Sown In Peace is available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited (if you are a member), Ebook, or Paperback formats, and there is a free sample below as well.


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