The Story BEFORE The Story

My Story BEFORE The Story ~Grayson Roberts ~in~ No Place LIKE HOME ~by~ Amy R. Anguish

I don’t talk about my past.

It’s not that I’m ashamed of it, per se. I just don’t see the need.

Sure, it shaped who I am today. If not for going what I went through, I might not be so hesitant to pursue something more with my new temporary coworker, Adrian. But when I mentioned prayer the other day, she got this look on her face. Almost like she’d eaten a lime.

And I can’t get serious with someone who doesn’t believe in prayer. I may not talk about my past, but I definitely learned from it. And one of the main things I learned was to never date someone who doesn’t have God in their life. Because if we don’t have that in common, our relationship is never going to be strong enough.

So, even though Adrian is working with our company for a few months to help us get this new software installed. And although she’s absolutely gorgeous (and smells really good). And even though she is a fellow movie buff and hums under her breath. And despite the fact we’re crammed together into my tiny office, basically working back-to-back.

No. None of that matters. Because she is officially off-limits for me.

I just have to remind myself of that. And keep reminding myself.

Besides, her position is temporary, so there’s no hope of anything permanent coming from all this anyway. That should help me fight the attraction, right?

I better start praying harder.

Amy R. Anguish is offering a single signed copy of No Place LIKE HOME to a U.S. Commenter. Leave a comment and a way to reach you should you win ~ Drawing to take place Wednesday evening December 15, 2021.

My Story Title:  No Place LIKE HOME

My Story Genre:  Contemporary Christian Romance

My Story Released:   Dec 7, 2021~ Just released!

The Author of My Story:    Amy R. Anguish

Amy R Anguish grew up a preacher’s kid, and in spite of having lived in seven different states that are all south of the Mason Dixon line, she is not a football fan. Currently, she resides in Tennessee with her husband, daughter, and son, and usually a bossy cat or two. Amy has an English degree from Freed-Hardeman University that she intends to use to glorify God, and she wants her stories to show that while Christians face real struggles, it can still work out for good.

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